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  • Climate Change Institute

    The Carbon Credit Store is an enterprise division of the Climate Change Institute

  • A respected organisation

    The Climate Change Institute has over half a million followers in Social Media.

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  • Methane Capture

    This project is in Jakarta, Indonesia and transfers methane into fuel.

  • Soil Sequestation Project

    An exciting project using new techniques where soil is culiivated to capture carbon

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  • Carbon Reduction Projects

    When you buy Carbon Credit Certificates you are investing in projects that reduce carbon.

  • Certified Projects

    We only offer certified projects which have legitimacy and value for money 

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  • Methane Capture

    This project is in Jakarta, Indonesia and transfers methane into fuel

  • Quality Assured

    We ensure that all certificates offered support legitimate projects certified to world standards

  • Transparent & Accountable

    Information on the project is made available and constantly updated

  • Effective & Efficient

    We only recommend projects that offer efficient and cost effective ways remove carbon.

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  • Technolgy

Certified Projects

tree planting

Supported by Carbon Credit Certificates. 

Large Scale Carbon Capture


Projects that are highly effiecient becuase of their economy of scale.

Research and Development

paper pulp

Latest tree planting techology allows for a one-off amount of 15 litres for tree to grow.

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Emission Reduction

Emission reduction projects


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Carbon Credit Certificates

  • Carbon Reduction
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  • Carbon Credit Certificates
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  • Carbon Offset Projects
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